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Our campaigning diary

Published on: 09/06/2011
music library
Progress with our work on music libraries
Following another meeting with members in Leicester, a proposal has been submitted to the council. And there’s a slightly different issue in Ealing.
50p for culture
Culture – what’s it worth to you?
We think arts, museums and heritage are worth more than 16p. Do you?
Making Music survey reveals amateur music sector affected by recession
The amateur music sector remains a substantial one, as revealed by this survey, and significant for the professional music industry, too; but it has been heavily affected by the recent recession
Lobbying and campaigning
Lobbying and advocacy: what’s it all about?
Barbara Eifler on what kind of lobbying and advocacy Making Music does, and some recent examples of the variety of the work.
emma campbell
Music's major role in community development
Emma Campbell, Area Manager - Scotland, attended the Scottish Community Development Network's annual conference in Glasgow.
Cheryl Bennett
Charity Commission trustee event
Area Manager - East, Cheryl Bennett, on the Charity Commission's trustee event, including top tips for impressing funders and the dangers of 'insider fraud'.
Evan Dawson
Dementia friendly communities and the arts
Evan Dawson, Head of Development, attended the Alzheimer’s Society conference on creating 'dementia friendly' communities.
Making Music Chief Executive Robin Osterley (c) Alex Rumford
A case for arts funding
Making Music Chief Executive argues for why we need to continue supporting the arts in this increasingly challenging economic climate.
Robin Osterley (c) Alex Rumford
Qualified Music Educator
Making Music Chief Executive reports on a meeting he’d recently attended to discuss a proposal for a new qualification to allow people to display their credentials at music education settings.
Making Music Chief Executive Robin Osterley photo credit Alex Rumford
Music education hubs
Making Music Chief Executive reports on the approach we are taking to engage with music education hubs in England.
Making Music Chief Executive Robin Osterley (c) Alex Rumford
Music hire seminar
Making Music met with the Music Publishers Association to discuss hire conditions and charges for sheet music.
Making Music Head of Programmes and Development Evan Dawson
Staying in tune with professional orchestras
Making Music Head of Programmes and Development Evan Dawson shares some highlights from the Specialist Managers Meeting hosted by the Association of British Orchestras (ABO) on 24 May in London.
Evan Dawson, Making Music Head of Programmes and Development
Strengthening our partnerships in Wales
We spent a sunny Cardiff afternoon with Nick Capaldi to discuss new ways that Arts Council Wales and Making Music can support each other.
Robin Osterley (c) Alex Rumford
Wakefield music collection is saved!
Making Music has successfully campaigned to save the Wakefield music collection, one of the most important national collections in the UK, used by thousands of voluntary music groups.
Robin Osterley (c) Alex Rumford
A quartet of lobbying updates
Making Music Chief Executive Robin Osterley reports on the outcome of the Gift Aid and save Wakefield music library campaigns and provides an update on the new licensing regime and the National Plan for Music Education.
Making Music Chief Executive Robin Osterley (c) Alex Rumford
Music education consultation at DCMS
Making Music Head of Projects and Development Evan Dawson attended a DCMS consultation in place of Making Music Chief Executive to discuss proposals for a new Music Plan for music education in England.
Chief Executive Robin Osterley photo (c) Alex Rumford
First board meetings with ACEVO and Voluntary Arts
Chief Executive Robin Osterley reports on his first board meetings with ACEVO and Voluntary Arts.
Robin Osterley, Chief Executive
ACEVO and Making Music
Our Chief Executive Robin Osterley has been invited to join the ACEVO Board as a co-opted member.
Chief Executive Robin Osterley
Gift Aid
Our Chief Executive gives an update on Making Music's negotiations with HMRC on the new Gift Aid regime.
Chief Executive Robin Osterley
Meeting with Ed Vaizey, Culture Minister
Our Chief Executive meets with Culture Minister Ed Vaizey MP and a smaller group the ACEVO Special Interest Group on Culture and Heritage to discuss the Big Society agenda.
Robin Osterley, Chief Executive
Making Music response to Henley Review
Making Music Chief Executive responds to ‘Music Education in England,’ Darren Henley’s review.
Barbara Eifler on Music Education Hubs
Music education hubs and Making Music members
Executive Director Barbara Eifler on how the two go together, and what either or both of them can gain from a relationship
Charity Commission
Charity Commission changes: what you need to kow
What changes introduced recently by the Charity Commission will affect amateur music groups: SORPs, annual returns and more
leicester music library
Music libraries – an update
Many music library services are being cut - so what can you do to help save them?
Music Libraries
Music libraries, December 2014 update
Music library consultations and latest news, how to get involved and the future
Musicians Union rates
Special rates for professional musicians engaged by Making Music members
There are special rates negotiated with the Musicians’ Union on behalf of Making Music members for engaging professional musicians – find out more

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