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Performing rights royalty scheme

Our simple and cost effective royalty collection scheme run on behalf of PRS for Music is a valuable service we provide for members.

Last modified on: 01/10/2014

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If you perform music in copyright then you are obliged to pay a royalty for the right to perform it. Royalties are collected by PRS for Music and distributed to composers and copyright holders.

If you perform in a venue which is licenced by PRS for Music then any royalty due is paid via that venue. If your performance is in an unlicenced venue then as promoter of the performance you are required to purchase a licence directly from PRS for Music.

The Making Music royalty scheme

As a benefit of membership, Making Music’s scheme allows you to pay royalties on performances given in unlicenced venues as part of the membership renewal process, offering you a simple one-stop shop and meaning that you do not have to seek permission or make alternative arrangements, and ensuring that you meet your legal obligations.

About PRS for Music
About PRS for Music
PRS for Music is the UK's agency for collecting and distributing royalties on behalf of its member composers, songwriters and arrangers.

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