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Award for Young Concert Artists

Through this award scheme, Making Music makes it easier and more affordable for voluntary music groups to work with the very best young professional musicians in the UK by giving members subsidies to help with engagement fees for winning artists.

Last modified on: 05/05/2015

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The Philip and Dorothy Green Award for Young Concert Artists (AYCA) has helped kick start the careers of artists including Steven Isserlis, Elizabeth Banks and Craig Ogden, by providing up-and-coming classical musicians with performing opportunities with Making Music’s 3,000+ Group members.

In the current economic climate, where arts funding is scarcer than ever, it can be tough for amateur music groups to engage high-quality soloists for their concerts. The £120 for soloists and £180 for accompanied artists subsidy we provide makes it realistic for our members to book these talented musicians at the start of their careers, who in turn get crucial real-world performance experience and opportunities to raise their profile.

‘Being a part of the Making Music Award for Young Concert Artist scheme has been a pleasure from start to finish. It's not about the financial and calendar-filling perks of being on the scheme, but the musical experiences themselves: the wonderful variety of Britain's music clubs, the enthusiastic audiences, and often idyllic settings have provided me with some of the most memorable of all my performances in recent years.’

Joseph Houston, 2013 AYCA winner

About AYCA

The Making Music Award for Young Concert Artists has helped to launch the careers of dozens of young musicians since its creation in 1961. To see the photos of the award alumni, please visit our Young Artist set on Flickr.

In 2002, the Philip and Dorothy Green Music Trust secured the future of AYCA with the largest single donation Making Music has ever received.

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