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President's Award

We recognise volunteers who have given exceptional service to Making Music. Nominations are considered each May and announced annually at Making Music's Annual General Meeting.

Last modified on: 27/05/2015

President's Award Sir MaxwellThe President’s Award recognises the achievements of those who volunteer directly for Making Music. Some of those volunteers have been with Making Music for a very long time and their efforts have had a significant impact. It was in recognition of this fact that the Award was established early in 2010. It is far from being merely a long-service certificate. Nominations are invited from both staff and volunteers and only those who have given exceptional service are successful.

Past winners of the President's Award

2014 Linda Young

2013 Alex Murchie

2012 Marian Davidson

2011 Dr Berkeley Ranby

2010 Donald Sheppard

2009 Harry Whitham

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