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Support your music library this February

It's National Libraries Day on 8 February – what better time to show how important your local music library is to your group?

Published on: 16/01/2014

National libraries dayWe know that music libraries offer a vital service to our members, allowing them to hire copyright music at a much cheaper rate than direct from publishers. They also offer a host of other services – from events and exhibitions to promotional opportunities for local groups.

It’s National Libraries Day on 8 February, and IAML (UK & IRL), their association, is urging Making Music member groups to use the opportunity to show their local library how much they care. This is particularly important at the moment when budgetary constraints mean libraries are increasingly under pressure to justify their need for funding. Your support could be just the justification they need.

So how can you help? Peter Baxter from IAML has the following suggestions:

  • Contact your local library and offer to put on some live music (perhaps a small group from your choir/orchestra)
  • introduce a friend/colleague to the library
  • tweet about how much you love your music library
  • make a point of visiting the library and exploring areas you've not used before.

Meanwhile, the Surrey Performing Arts Library (home to the Making Music Kirby Collection) is asking members of the public to fill out an online survey as part of a consultation exercise to be presented to the local council. Have your say by filling in the survey from Monday 20 January.

And don’t forget, Making Music often runs tours of local libraries, so keep an eye out for one near you.

Learn more about National Libraries Day here.


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