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Help us transform lives through music. You can donate to us – and, truly, every contribution, of whatever size, helps.

Last modified on: 17/07/2014

‘Making Music plays a vital role in encouraging people of all ages to take up music, and in supporting music groups up and down the land. Without Making Music and its members, Britain would not be one of the most musical places in the world to live. They make our communities more harmonious, in every sense of the word. Please support them in any way you can.’ – Howard Goodall

South Oxhey ChoirsWe are creating community music groups in areas of social deprivation; new open-access singing courses to boost membership for existing groups; wellbeing choirs for people with medical problems, the elderly, homeless people and others; orchestras and bands for beginners; youth ensembles; and more …

Our membership income enables us to provide music groups around the UK with essential services. But with your help, Making Music can go further and create inspiring ways for people from different backgrounds, ages and incomes to come together and make music. Even a small donation can make a big difference:

  • £10 can pay for a new set of learners music, with a CD
  • £30 can pay for a young person to attend a 6 week singing course
  • £50 can pay for an elderly person to attend a ‘wellbeing’ choir for 10 weeks
  • £200 can pay for a vocal workshop, to give an existing choir a new direction within its community.
  • £500 can pay for a local ‘participation’ event, to bring lots of local groups together and encourage people to get involved.
  • £5,000 can pay for the establishment of a whole new community choir or a ‘wellbeing’ choir

How to make a donation today

To make a one-off or regular donation to support our work, you can do this easily online via our donation page. Thank you for considering this.

Music and wellbeing


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