Changes to membership fees for 2019

In the last five years Making Music has grown significantly, both in terms of membership and in the services that we offer to our members.

We now have over 200 resources available on our website, new services such as Orchestra Tax Relief to help save your group time and money, as well as a bigger team available to answer your calls and queries. And in those five years, we have managed to keep our fees (with the exception of one income band), at their 2013 levels.

However, five years’ worth of inflation and rising costs in many areas mean that it is now costing more to deliver our services to you than it did in 2013. So we have had to make a small increase to your membership subscription from 2019.

This increase, the first in five years for most of our groups, will enable us to keep investing in services for you, improving what we do, so that we can help you do what you enjoy – as well as cover our higher running costs.

Depending on when you joined Making Music, the table below will tell you what you used to pay and what the new membership fee is now.



Income bracket

If you renewed or joined before March 2018. Your previous fee:

If you joined after March 2018. Your previous fee:

New Membership fees 2019

Under £7.2K




£7.2K to £14.5K




£14.5K to £21K




£21K to £31K




£31K to £100K




Over £100K




The discounts for youth groups (25%) and groups with an income below £1,000 (50%) will remain the same. Insurance rates will not be increasing.

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