How to make the case for leisure-time music

There are a number of reasons why you may want or need to make the case for your musical activity: because it is threatened (for example, by proposed changes to your music library); because you want to lobby your local authority to create, re-instate or keep a facility or service (e.g. a community venue); or because you need to prove to a potential sponsor or funder why music is worth supporting.

We have therefore put together some useful materials to help you make the case for leisure-time music.

These are:

  • Why Leisure-time and Community Music Matters – this resource articulates the main benefits (social, economic, wellbeing, health, music industry ecology), with links to high profile research and articles for evidence and handy quotes
  • Evidence Bank – this resource is a high level overview of (with links to) reports, statistics and articles showing the impact and benefits of the arts, music and volunteering on society, individuals and specific health conditions, as well as reports which illustrate government policy and thinking