Helping you get back to in-person rehearsals
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Risk assessment for COVID secure rehearsals

Recent updates to government guidance in England and Scotland means that non-professional music groups can start meeting and rehearsing in person, so long as certain safety measures are in place. Use our online search tool to read the most up-to-date guidance for your group type and nation of the UK.

All activity is dependent on a risk assessment being carried out and social distancing measures never being compromised. All of these extra considerations, along with your members' wishes, need to be taken into account to ensure that you can plan and run COVID secure rehearsals.

To help you to do this, our new COVID secure rehearsals resource takes you through all the steps that you need to take, and also includes a template risk assessment.

The resource assumes that your group has already done some future planning and made decisions about returning to in-person activities. If your group hasn't reached this stage, take a look at our planning for the future resources and make use of our Return to Rehearsal survey to help gather your members' views and start thinking about the next steps.