Getting to grips with Gift Aid (online event)


United Kingdom
Saturday, 8 October 2022 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
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About the event: 

Gift Aid is a hot topic for music groups, as it can boost your group’s income. But it’s important to know and understand what you can and can’t claim Gift Aid on, and what information you need to provide in order to submit your claim.

In this event, we’ll help you to understand which funds are eligible for Gift Aid, explain the ins and outs of using the HMRC online system to submit your claim, and answer your burning questions.

We’ll talk about:

  • Who is eligible to claim Gift Aid?
  • What can you claim Gift Aid on?
  • Why subs are counted as donations
  • Understanding personal benefit and how it applies
  • Gift Aid declarations and GDPR
  • Completing the claim
  • The small donations scheme
  • Anything else that comes up on this topic!

There will be an opportunity to ask questions via the chat function during the event.

Who this event is for:

Anyone is welcome to attend this event, but it will be most relevant to the person who manages your group’s Gift Aid claims.

As our events are in high demand, we are requesting that only one person per group books to attend, to allow as many different groups as possible to benefit.

Cost: FREE for members and non-members

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Event information:

  • This event includes a powerpoint presentation (slides will be sent out in advance)
  • Questions will be taken via the chat function at this event
  • Automated closed captions (subtitles) will be available at this event. If you require live captioning, please contact us to request this

Expected event schedule:

  • 10.00am: welcome and how we will use the Zoom features during the event
  • 10.05am: updates from Making Music
  • 10.10am: event topic
  • 11.00am approx: short break
  • 11.10am: event continues
  • 12.00pm: finish

Timings may vary on the day.

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