What is a URL? What is a Custom URL?

What is a URL?

URL stands for "Uniform Resource Locator", which is a fancy way of saying "the address of something on the Internet, typically a web page".  In the context of web pages, "address" means something like http://www.website.com/page.htm?age=20&type=ball. Every page on the World Wide Web has a unique URL (address), including every page in your Making Music Platform.

What is a Custom URL?

Pages can actually have more than one URL (address). If the default URL of a page is overly long, complex or difficult to remember, you can often invent a second URL and assign it to the page, which can be anything you want.  You can create something shorter, simpler and easier to remember, such as http://www.website.com/useful-page.

In Making Music Platform, web pages have URLs that look like this http://www.mygroup.com/dbpage.php?pg=contact (which is not particularly short or descriptive of what's actually on the page), or http://www.mygroup.com/dbpage.php?pg=view&dbase=events&id=14524 (which is even worse).  In case you're wondering, the first URL is for a "Contact" page, while the second is for an event.

Because of this, we have made it possible to create your own Custom URLs for pages on your Making Music Platform. Each URL you create becomes a second URL for the page so that the page can then be reached via either of two URLs.  Using the examples above, you could create new, custom URLs as follows: http://www.mygroup.com/contact for the "Contact" page, and http://www.mygroup.com/Christmas-Concert for the event. Each is shorter, simpler, and more descriptive of the contents of the page, and much easier to quote in correspondence or on a Facebook page.

Note that it only really makes sense to create custom URLs for pages that can be accessed via the public (people who are not logged in). You can create custom URLs for pages visible to members only, but there's no real need to.

Making Music Platform provides an easy way to create custom URLs for the following...

  • Website Pages - specifically the set of pages listed on the Pages Administration page, the pages that you can add and remove yourself via the admin interface.  "Website pages", in this context, does not mean any page at all in your Making Music Platform. It's a subtle distinction.  For example, "Website pages" does not include...
    • The page that shows all of a song's details
    • A member's profile page
    • The page where you add the details of a new mailing list
    • etc
  • Events. Each event can have its own custom URL if required.
  • Productions (if the "Productions" module is enabled on your Making Music Platform). Productions are really just collections of events, and as such can have custom URLs in the same way that events can  

Having said that, it's technically possible to create custom URLs for any page in your Making Music Platform, even ones explicitly excluded in the list above. It's just not as easy.