Filming Fees Query

Our London based choir has been asked if we will perform some music for a TV show but we have no idea what fees to charge - they have asked us. Filming will be a couple of hours on a location tbc with possible performance of one song only. Looking at the MU site - a 3 hour session would cost £120 per person - we are thinking a minimum of 10 people so at least £1200. Does this sound about right or would a collective fee be much smaller?

Any advice gratefully received!

First of all congratulations – sounds like a great opportunity. Answering your question about what fee to charge is tricky as there are so many factors to consider. Starting by looking at the MU rates and maybe even presenting your figure as something based on MU rates sounds like a good idea. It sounds like a collective fee might be a better option than a per person fee. Of course you could work out your collective fee based on the number of people you expect to be there but once you’ve done that consider sticking to the collective figure even if the number of singers changes slightly.

The other important thing to say is that you should be prepared to negotiate. I don’t know who the TV Company is but personally I would be tempted to be confident with a good offer as they may well have money and take it.

I hope that helps!

Thanks Laura - we missed that gig and a few others but we are on film company radars. What we are finding is that they often want people at very short notice, or that suggestions fall through very quickly. Thank you for the advice about negotiating! That seems to be true as another person asked about a 1-3 hour gig and said they had up to £1200 to use! Looking around I see that choirs charge around £250 for a wedding (an hour singing?) so we'll work from there. I'll keep you posted if we get a gig!'s picture

We took part in a BBC film drama in 2015 and received £1000 per day for 40 strong choir, they also provided transport and meals.

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for that response. Did you keep the fee for the choir or divide it amongst the members singing on the day or a mix?

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