Google Adwords

Google offer charities free access to Google Adwords, up to $10000/mth.
I've seen some choirs active and also MM itself.

What is people's experience of using this medium?

(We have 50000 sightings (impressions), 630 clicks but no ticket sales. Catchment is approx 50mile radius around 12 Nov concert venue. Nominal cost $950)'s picture

I worked for a charity that applied for Google adwords and the results were very impressive - it was like spending Googles money! That, we liked's picture

If I remember correctly the spend increased as the clicks increased which meant that occasionally we would run adwords for some popular search words that weren't necessarily related to the core activities of the organisation.'s picture

I check with an old colleague who told me that their was a rigorous application process - but well worth the effort once the account was set up.

GO FOR IT!'s picture

Google stats are notoriously bogus - check this post to see what other oversights you might be making

We use a free Adwords charitable grant to adverise ourselves and our concerts. Results are interesting but not too exciting. We hit around 2% CTR but the new policy calls for a min 5% CTR to retain the grant.

Anyone else using this facility or with Adwords experience out there????

(Google are extremely helpful but their thinking is around a 24/7 mail-order selling effort - better for CDs than concerts)