I would appreciate any advice on setting the rate for an Honorarium for an MD for a choir of about 60 members

I guess it's a compromise between what is asked for, and what you can afford. We found that our MD improved dramatically with experience, we wanted to keep her as long as possible so increased the fee within our means.

Suggest always having a trial term or two to see if things work out both ways.

A friendly supportive atmosphere counts for a lot with MDs as well, as they want to enjoy the sessions too!

Hope this helps.

As secretary of a choral society do I have to show the MD and Accompanist as 'staff' as we pay them? Only asking as this year will be the first time we've paid anyone!!

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I suppose it depends on how they are contracted (if at all) Many organisations allow associates who are freelance even though they regularly "work" for them. Making them staff will incur additional admin and costs - avoid if at all possible.