We, The Sheringham Shantymen, are a singing group of about 25 members and we hold Public Liability Insurance. The question has been raised as to how we can protect our individual members if they were to have a claimable occurrence. I know that we can obtain Employers Liability insurance, but would that be legal as we are not a legally incorporated outfit, or are we? What constitutes a legally incorporated group?

Hello Sheringham Shantymen ( great name!)

I can only really talk about our insurance not what happens in the larger insurance world, but if you take out cover with us it will include Employers Liability insurance of up to £10m as standard. This would cover members of your group as they are classed as volunteers. It obviously depends on the situation if you were to make a claim too.

You might want to take a look at our policy for more information:

Does that help? If not or you would like any more information please do let me know.