Membership administration software

Can anyone recommend a membership admin package suitable for a choir with 50+ members? Ideally with following features (in order of priority)
- keep records of different classes on members: singers (by voice), accompanists, friends etc.
- cloud based, allowing access by more than one committee members with admin rights
- allowing members to log on and edit own contact details and to sign up for gigs
- keep track of subs payments

Glyn, Queen's Park Singers

I've been having a look at some of these recently. There's been a bit of a boom in the last few years of new cloud-based tools specifically for choirs, so here's a few examples:

This is a Canadian-based one. It's quite user-friendly and has (I think) most of the features most choirs would need, and was set up by choral singers, so they know how things lie:

A few others that looks good:

Many thanks for replies. It looks like and are the same product. I might go with (found through the captera link). Does anyone have any experience of it?

I've taken a quick look at the available options described above. Our choir is looking to replace an ageing website and some of us are thinking about what we should aim to provide in its place. I can see how groupspaces might be an attractive proposition! Would you be happy to share your views about it - - both the bits that have worked really well (and why), and anything you would do differently if you were starting again from scratch?