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I would be very interested to know what fees members pay in other choral societies/choirs, and whether this includes a contribution to music costs or not. Our society currently charges £30 per term, with each term having minimum of 10 weeks. Many thanks.

Hello Glyn

We ended up having a really interesting conversation today in the office about subscription fees, what way is best to have them paid (per term, per year or per session), if you should include a financial reward for paying up front or have a reward scheme instead, how much is too much for something that you love etc. so thank you!
I spoke to a colleague who runs 2 London choirs that are very much based on inclusion. One group costs £8 per session (£6 for concessions) and the other is £7 (£5 for concessions). She also says that if people really cannot pay the full cost she accepts a nominal fee of £2, but says that if people cannot pay even this she would not stop them from coming as she believes they are the people that could really do with a good sing! Instead of financially rewarding people that can pay up front and therefore, presumably, have more money to spare, she has a coffee reward scheme - she stamps a card each time people come and they get a free coffee after x amount of sessions.
Obviously this lower fee option isn't always a realistic option, but is worth thinking about.

You may find it useful to have a look at our Treasurers Survey from 2013: membership subscriptions information is on page 10, but the whole document is interesting reading in general. 

It is certainly worth being open with your membership about costs you face. I know one group who said that their group had no idea how much the venue that they rehearsed in (let alone the one they performed in!) cost and were more than happy to increase their subscriptions to pay for it rather than change venues.
If you have any other questions or thoughts on this please do not hesitate to let me know.
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For the band I'm currently in we work round the school holidays called terms and we pay £25 a term so in total around £75 a year. As for management the band uses Band Pencil ( to keep track of subscription payments and it also provides a free way of allowing members to pay, they do take a little fee, but that's understandable.

Our choir has subs of £10 per month, and as we rehearse weekly this works out at approximately £2.50 per rehearsal. We switched a couple of years ago to pay via standing order, which means most of us also pay an extra month's subs for August, when we don't rehearse. This extra little bit of money comes in quite useful since we are only a small choir (15 singers) so the subs don't stretch very far. We raise income from concert ticket sales and hires (weddings, corporate events, etc.), to cover the cost of our rehearsal venue and accompanist.
Mostly, sheet music is bought for the choir's library out of the choir funds - unless it's something in a book, e.g. Britten's Ceremony of Carols, where it costs a little bit more so each member will buy their own copy to keep.

£35/term, three per year. This to cover the costs of running rehearsals (professional MD & accompanist + school hall) for 70-member SATB choral society. Scores for our 4 concerts provided mostly via excellent County Music Library but occasionally there is a top-up charge to cover this of around £3-£5. The subs link, where applicable, to GiftAid, used to support concerts which too-often would run at a loss without subsidy from GiftAid and our ongoing raffle and book sale efforts.'s picture

we pay £155 per season, this does not include music hire which is extra as if it was included we could not gift aid subs. We need subs to be this much as all the possible performance venues for us are expensive and we hire professional orchestras and soloists