Monitor speakers for Choral use

Our Community Choir has around 50 members and we use a Yamaha PA system to amplify our keyboard for the audience when performing. We don't amplify the choir and the PA speakers are placed forward of the choir, and the accompanist is to one side.
Now we have mastered the mixer ( ! ) the system works well except that this layout means those singers on the side away from the keyboard are finding it difficult to hear the music clearly.
As the mixer has the required outputs we are considering getting some small active monitor speakers to face towards the choir behind the main PA ones.
I wonder if anyone has used this sort of set-up and had any observations / recommendations.
Keith Lakin
Heyhouses Community Choir

Why would you not put the existing speakers in/behind the choir, one on each side? Speakers are usually placed so that any microphone is behind the speakers (so they are placed forward) but you don't seem to have that problem. Our accompanist dislikes remote speakers so in most cases we rely on the piano-equivalent sound that comes directly off the keyboard.

The set-up you are describing is a form of "fold back" where the musicians get a fed their own sound via small speakers. Fairly standard.

Clarity problems might be to do with room acoustics - if the remote singer-listeners are getting a direct sound plus a delayed reflected sound they will possibly struggle

Hello and thanks for your reply.
We initially tried the speakers behind the choir to each side but the singers near them found they could not hear each other. Microphone placement is OK, it is behind the PA speakers and we also turn the channel right down after announcements and so have had no problem with feedback.
Sound reflection is always a problem but we check venues out and our final practice is always there, so we can get the set-up as good as possible.
What looks interesting is the SubZero 150W personal PA monitor :
It could act as a monitor for the "far side" singers, but in smaller venues could even be used as the microphone amplifier when we don't need the full PA system for the keyboard.
It would be nice to run to two so I must get the next Gift Aid claim in !