Music Bank


I have just gone to do a search on the Music Bank, and when I click on any item on the list of results, it asks me to join Making Music, despite the fact that I am already logged in. This makes the resource completely unusable.


Hi Richard,

Apologies for the confusion - this should be resolved now.  Can you let me know if you're still seeing the 'log in' message?



How do I (or our librarian ) check which music we have on MM? I can't see any place to amend our list. We are getting requests t send music, which was rather unexpected.

I am with Hetfordshire Chorus.

Hi Carole,

If you (or in future, anyone in your group who is a 'group admin') go to your Dashboard at the link below, click on the plus sign next to your group's name and you should then see your group administration options, including one to 'view/edit group's sheet music listings'.

Click on that and you should be able to remove/amend any out of date listings.

Your dashboard (you'll need to be logged in):

Many thanks,


I have tried to add pieces of music which are not already prelisted - and cannot do this. How can I add a new (to the bank) piece of Music ?

Hello Peter

To add new pieces of music to the Music Bank please email the details to and we will add this to the listings. Please note that our Music Bank is run by (very dedicated) volunteers and this will not be an instantaeous process. We do welcome new additions to make the  Music Bank more useful for everyone, so thank you very much.

Best wishes,


I understand that if you are a member and you are affiliated wiht a group member you should be able to access items in the Music Bank - doesn't seem to be the case

Apologies - this appears to have been caused by an issue with your profile not inheriting your group's memberships fully.

I've now fixed this, so you should be able to access the programme notes/sheet music in the Music Bank.