I am the treasurer of a 60 strong choir in North West England and we regularly purchase music from the musicroom website, and straight purchases present no problem. Even when orders are despatched in a number of deliveries, and separate invoices raised, you can usually add them up and they agree to the payment made. 

On occasions, however, we have ordered say 1 each of 5 pieces for evaluation by our Musical Director. We might return 2 and then place an order for 59 of the 3 titles retained. In normal commercial organisations this would result in an invoice in respect of the 177 titles newly ordered and a credit note for 2 returned pieces.

BUT this is where their system deviates from normal commercial practice in that they don't seem to issue credit notes !

As a result you have to spend ages trying to piece together the invoices they do issue with the "Order" based system that is all you can see on "My Account". I have also discovered that on a recent instance the credit which they made back to our card was only 70% of what I expected and I am curently chasing them up on this.

If your choir deals with them, and also uses a "try before you buy" approach, I suggest you are careful with it. In future we will be sending back all of the trial purchase items and ordering 60 titles afresh, it will be so much easier ! 

I have asked them to explain why they do not show credit notes which I think they must in order to keep correct Company accounting records, and will be interested in their reply. It would be nice if they would amend their system to make it more user frendly, but I won't be holding my breath ! 


( Chartered Accountant )