The new website!

Welcome to the new website!

It's been along time coming (about 9 months in all), and the journey isn't quite over yet.

Some elements are still being completed (like the group profiles) and some have bugs of minor or major importance - all of which is being gradually whittled down by our development agency. I hope you'll continue to show the patience and good humour that you have kindly shown the Membership Team over the project's process (and through the somewhat painful life of the previous website).

However, on a more positive note we do think you'll get a lot out of the site.

We've introduced some new tools and features (like the Dashboard to bring together all things related to your groups), tweaked and simplified some others (like your events listings which, by the way, can now be edited by anyone in the group) and completely re-structured the navigation to make it easier to find content related to that which you are looking at (hopefully helping to highlight other, complementary ways in which we can help - whether through advice, tools, discounts or connections).

We've also put a lot of work into trying to improve the overall usability: it is now considerably more stable and quicker than the old website (phew!), and is designed so that pretty much everything you need (posting an event, renewing your membership, reading resources...) can be done from a pc, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

So, although we're still working on it, we hope that you can see the improvement in lots of areas already and that you'll find it a useful resource for the years to come!

We have lots of ideas for where to continue to build on this, and I'm sure many of you do to, so let us know in this forum if you have suggestions or feedback to help us continue to improve. 

Thanks once again for your patience, suggestions and support,


Marketing and Communications Manager.


I get this message, even though I am the administrator of a group and logged in:

"The sheet music exchange and programme notes library are available to group members. Please log in or join as a group member for access."

Hello Lionel

I'm sorry about that, we had a bit of a problem with this when we first launched - it's down to problems with permissions. It should be fixed now so you shouldn't have any problems, but do let me know if this isn't the case. 

Best wishes,


I can click on the edit box to access members' names but only ever got in when I had invited someone to access the website. Am I missing something obvious?

Hi Maggie,

This looks like it's showing your group contacts for me now - can you try again and let me know if you're still having the same problem?



In the old site I could login as YKILS (Ikley Concert Club and get access to such things as Programme notes. This site is baffling - it give me no way to login as a group and if I link my name to the group I still cannot find Programme Notes or other group stuff.

When I accessed as an individual I put in my password twice and it rejected me. So I asked for a new password. Got in first time but the second time it rejected me and so I asked for a new password . . . . will this ever end? I have been on line for about an hour so far without getting any helpful answers to queries. I shall have to give up until the bugs are sorted out. By the way I presume the buttons below should read SEND and PREVIEW (not SAVE and PREVIEW which is very ambiguous).'s picture

Hi, I don't have an iphone but our new librarian does and it took me ages to work out why she was having problems finding the scores to hire area .... it seems that when you look at the website on a phone it isn't all visible. It wasn't until I took my tablet to a rehearsal and showed it to her on that that it all became clear!! can anything be done to fix this so iphone users see the same as computer users?

Can we have the facility added that will allow us to download receipts for MM membership and insurance fees please? I am fairly sure this was available on the previous site.
I have found the insurance documents but they do not include a receipt and I have no idea where to go for the membership fee receipt.

We've got our development agency working on this and it should be available after renewals this year (as it can't be added in the middle of the membership cycle).

Until that's up and running, if you would like a receipt we'll be happy to provide one via email - just get in touch with