Programme notes

The programme notes bank is making a welcome return, and the new site is way faster than the old one. However, two things:

1. A lot of the programme notes are missing. If you look for programme notes on Tchaikovsky symphonies there are only notes on symphony 1, where 4, 5 and 6 are the most popular and I know I have previously downloaded the notes for No. 5.

2. If you are looking for programme notes you get loads of duplicate results, all with the same notes. If I am looking specifically for programme notes I don't need to know about the number of different editions these notes can be used with, I just want to see the individual notes (in the past there was sometimes more than one and it was useful to take both and extract parts of each).

I am looking for programme notes but can't seem to find anything. I have tried looking in Resources but there doesn't seem to be an option for notes there.

Can you help?

Many thanks
Sue Walker
Manchester Bach Choir

Resources -> Music Bank
Make sure the Programme Notes Available box is ticked.
However, only part of the original library of notes has been transferred from the old site at the moment.

The above comments do not help. I am looking for which Programme Notes are available. If I search for Programme Notes, this is the first thing I expect at the top of the list that search finds - not a thread of "help" comments. Telling us to tick a Programme Notes Available box that is invisible or on some other page is very annoying. Following another search result it suggests that I login as a group but not how to do it (I wanted to do this when I first opened the webs site but it only gave me the opportunity to login as an individual!) At the risk of stating the obvious when (and if I eventually find the list of Programme Notes I will be able to click on each one and read it, won't I?

Hi David,

The programme notes are part of the Music Bank, so to find them go to, tick the box on the left hand side marked 'programme notes available' and then you can use the other filters (composer, title etc.) to find the specific repertoire you are looking for (presuming programme notes for it are in the system).

Hope that helps.