Rare music for Parry centenary

With the centenary of Sir Hubert Parry's death due in 1918, is anyone interested in performing either his last work for chorus and orchestra,  The Chivalry of the Sea (1916) or his earliest (bar one), The Glories of our Blood and State [are shadows, not substantial things], (1883)?  If so, I have performing material available (for a modest hire charge), both the full scores and orchestral parts (and I believe I am the only source of these), and also vocal scores (over 100 copies of each).  To hear them, both works have recently been recorded by the BBC (using my material) - The Chivalry by the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Chorus under David Lloyd-Jones on the Dutton label  (ASIN: B000JLPNO8), and The Glories by the BBC National Orchestra and Chorus of Wales under Neemi Jarvi on Chandos (CHAN 10740).  The Chivalry is for SSATB chorus and orch: 3333/4331,T Perc and strings and lasts about 12 minutes; The Glories is for SATB chorus and orch: 2222/4231,T and strings and lasts around 10 minutes.  Vocal scores can also be inspected and downloaded free from the ismlp website.   The Chivalry of the Sea was composed to a specially written poem by Robert Bridges for a concert to commemorate seamen killed in the World War I, so would be particularly appropriate for performance in Autumn 2018 to mark the centenary of the end of that war.