Zealous: matching creative talent with opportunities

Zealous: matching creative talent with opportunities

Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce you to a new great opportunity for musicians – Zealous!

Zealous is an online network connecting creative talent from across disciplines with organisations looking to complement their workforce, exhibit works and provide opportunities for creatives to flourish from their craft.

Help to enlarge and improve this platform by signing up to http://www.zealous.co right now and let yourself get excited about the great possibilities and features of Zealous.

Further information at http://about.zealous.co.


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Just took a look at this but the statement says - Offer Extension: Your first FREE until Easter.

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Happy to report that the website has updated and states that:

This year we’re putting creative talent into magazines with our Meet Series, and bringing organisations and creatives together.

Collaboration is undoubtedly a fantastic way to explore and develop talent. Elsewhere I have found another "portal" that could be

Talented performers can also be listed on Entertainers Worldwide: The directory is free to use for people looking for musicians and singers to join projects as well as apply for auditions and gigs.

Worth a try?

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Check out Funly.com. A new entertainment booking solution to replace traditional entertainment agencies:
- There are NO commission nor any booking fees to pay
- All entertainers will have instant and direct contact with clients as there are NO intermediaries