Adopt our new model constitution in the easiest way possible!

Charity Commission – mass conversion to our new model constitution

The Charity Commission has offered to undertake a mass conversion of Making Music members to our new model constitution (you may remember seeing our survey about this in the summer).

We are pleased to announce that the Charity Commission has now agreed to go ahead with this. Those who originally replied to the survey expressing an interest have been emailed with further details. However, we wanted to give everybody else a final chance to be part of the mass conversion, too.

What is the mass conversion and how will it work?

For registered charities, the mass conversion will be by far the easiest way to adopt our new constitution. You will need to hold a meeting (either with trustees or wider membership, depending on your current constitution) to get approval to adopt the new constitution. After this, the administrative impact on your group will be minimal. You will not have to apply to the Charity Commission to get permission to change your constitution or inform them when you have changed it (the scheme basically does this for you). So it really is the easiest way for you adopt our new constitution.

Why should we adopt the new model constitution?

It is a Charity Commission approved document that provides a clear framework and rules for running your charity and will ensure you are on very solid footing in terms of charity governance and regulation. It addresses a number of issues which have given rise to queries and problems over the years, and is a much more comprehensive and robust governance document than our old one.

If groups contact us with governance or membership issues, they are always more easily resolved if a good constitution is in place – and this new one may well prevent such issues arising in the first place! It really will be a huge benefit to your group and we urge all groups to consider adopting it.

How do I find out more?

To take part in the mass conversion scheme you must:

  • be a registered charity in either an unincorporated association or trust – i.e. not an Charitable Incorporated Organisation or Charitable company
  • be happy to adopt our model constitution without any changes (other than the optional object at clause 2 and your financial year end date at clause 13)
  • be up to date with any filing (annual returns etc.) with the Charity Commission

If you meet the above criteria and are interested please complete this short form by Monday 28 September (completing this survey is not a commitment to being part of the scheme, but just an initial expression of interest). We will contact you after this with more details.

Please note: if you have filled in the previous survey and have received an email about this you do not need to fill in this survey.

What if we are not a registered charity?

The scheme is for registered charities only, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t adopt our new constitution. It is generally a lot easier for non-registered charities – again it will depend on what it says in your current constitution. If you do have to register with Charity Commission (remember, if your income is over £5,000/year you must register) the process will be a lot easier with our model constitution.

If you have any questions about the mass conversion or our model constitution in general please get in touch by email via or call us on 0207 939 6030.