Get your group on Classic FM this Christmas

This Christmas, five Making Music member groups' recordings of carols will be featured on Classic FM. Find out how your group could be one of them.

How many carol recordings will be selected?

We'll select five carols from those submitted to us, for broadcast by Classic FM.

Only choirs?

No, it's not just for choirs - if you have a great recording of your instrumental group performing a carol, please do send it in!

What is the maximum length for the recording?

Five minutes, but if you have a fantastic recording that's longer, Classic FM will consider it so do please still send it in.

What else do they need apart from the recording?

Please also send us:

1. 100-200 words including:

  • the title of the carol
  • the composer's name
  • your group name
  • your conductor's name
  • any soloists' names
  • any other musicians or ensembles in the recording

2. your website address

3. any social media handles you use.

Where do we send the recording?

Please send recordings to: Caitlin Goreing, Making Music, 8 Holyrood Street, London SE1 2EL or email

What's the deadline?

9am Friday 23 November.

When will we know if our carol has been selected?

We'll let you know by Friday 7 December.

When will the carols be broadcast?

One carol will be broadcast each weekday on Classic FM Drive (5pm-8pm) in one of the weeks leading up to Christmas.

How should we submit our carol?

You can send us your audio file via:

  • a CD
  • a USB stick
  • an online download link

If you're ripping the audio from a CD, please make sure it's in WAV format rather than MP3.

The quality of your recording will be a strong deciding factor in whether your carol is selected, so please do select the best possible recording.


Submit your recordings to Caitlin Goreing for a chance to be chosen to appear on Classic FM.

Contact Caitlin