Introducing our new project – Exploring Music Making

There are musicians and genres out there we don’t know enough about and this project is going to help us find out more.

Our new plan is clear: we want to welcome all kinds of music groups to become part of the Making Music community. But what exactly is the wonderful range of musical genres being performed in towns, cities and neighbourhoods up and down the UK? Where do these groups practice and perform? How do they learn their music, what challenges are they facing and who do they go to for help and support?

These are questions we don’t currently have answers to, but that we think are worth asking because…

  • there may be leisure-time musicians and groups which would welcome a platform and an opportunity to express their views, needs and challenges;
  • some may welcome practical support because they are not accessing it from anywhere else;
  • they may be interested in linking up with other musical activity in their locality, perhaps cross-genre, and therefore might like to find out about Making Music members or Making Music itself;
  • leisure-time music needs a stronger voice to be heard by policy makers; linking up with more musicians and groups from a wider range of musical genres means we can shout more loudly about issues that affect us all.

Asking the questions, analysing the answers and helping Making Music decide how the findings should impact on what it does is project manager Najia Bagi, with funding from Arts Council England.

Following a 10 year career in arts development, working for Band on the Wall and Lakeland Arts amongst others, Najia became a freelance artist and project manager five years ago, working in visual and sound arts, on a range of projects focussing on community arts activity. Najia is also a musician and music lover, currently studying for a Masters in Music at Goldsmiths, University of London.