Make Music Day has been and gone!

148 registered events took place all over the UK on Wednesday 21 June for Make Music Day, the worldwide celebration of music. In addition, we discovered a few events via Facebook and Twitter that hadn’t even registered on the website, so the actual number will be even higher.

That’s an incredible achievement from a standing start three months ago, and Make Music Day and Making Music would like to thank all the event organisers and performers who created such great musical experiences to share with the public, and at such short notice!

Geographically, there were events from Aberdeen to Falmouth, from Swansea to Norwich, in Nunthorpe, Shrewsbury, London, Swanage, Redhill, Watford, Stourbridge, Liverpool, Nelson and many more towns and cities.

Spaces used for events included bandstands, city squares, libraries, schools, churches, shopping centres, hospices, hospitals – and the London Eye.

As well as performances, there were open rehearsals and Come & Sing or Come & Play events, including Making Music’s own Learn to Play at Westminster Music Library where 20 new or returning musicians had the chance to try out an instrument.

Performers covered all genres from folk to world, jazz, classical, rock or pop, and came in small or large groups or as single performers, or indeed formed spontaneously, as the jamming group in London Bridge station did in the afternoon.

It has been a fantastic project to be involved with and inspiring to feel connected to so many people and events across the world, all celebrating music, in many varied forms and in many different imaginative events, all on the same day.

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