NewSPAL is recruiting for a Transition Project Manager

The Surrey Performing Arts Library is being transferred to charity NewSPAL – which is now recruiting for a Transition Project Manager.

At its Cabinet meeting on 26 February Surrey County Council gave the go ahead for NewSPAL, the user-led charity set up in 2018, to take on the management of their performing arts collection.

This means a successful conclusion to 18 months of campaigning with thousands of users across Surrey and beyond involved to make it happen.

But now the real work starts: to move the collection to the building made available by Woking Borough Council, commission the software necessary for the management of the collection, re-catalogue thousands of items, and a myriad other jobs.

NewSPAL is therefore recruiting now for a Transition Project Manager, with a deadline of 3 April.

The new charity also has to raise the funds for the transitio. To support the fundraising campaign, contact or donate.