Play4Peace on Armistice Day

Join a global concert for cooperation on 11 November 2018

How quickly and successfully can you bring people together in harmony through music, communication and cooperation? It's a great challenge, and a new project is looking for your support and participation.

This project aims to bring together musicians, internationally, to play a single piece of music to serve as a strong symbolic gesture of cooperation, peace and reconciliation 100 years after the Great War (1914-1918) came to an end.

The organisers hope to link individuals, groups, bands, ensembles and orchestras across multiple nations together to play a new piece. Armistice, has been specially commissioned for this and scored by Scottish fiddler Thoren Ferguson who has played the Wilfred Owen violin at many significant events as part of the years of World War One commemorations.

The aim is for ‘pop up’ performances to take place across the world on the afternoon of 11 November with everyone internationally playing Armistice at 3pm in the UK (4pm Central European Time) and sharing it on social media using the hashtag #iPlay4Peace.

To download the Armistice score and parts, or to post requests about arrangements to suit your group, go to the project's Facebook page.

iplay4peace Facebook page  

How can you take part?

  • Play 'Armistice' on your own or with your group and share it live on #iPlay4Peace at 3pm UK time on 11 November
  • Encourage other musicians to play 'Armistice' 
  • Take a lead role in bringing together a concert of cooperation locally
  • Support the project by offering venue space or music being played locally
  • Promote the event via the Facebook group and by using the twitter hashtags #Play4Peace #Concert4Cooperation. You can also leave your thoughts and your commitment of support on the Facebook group and tweet #iPlay4Peace #Concert4Cooperation and #armisticeconcert.

Updates will be posted on social media along with monthly videos.