What are you planning for Learn to Play Day?

Learn to Play Day is an opportunity to engage with different audiences and potential new members – so get organised!

Learn to Play Day 2016 (12 and 13 March) is run by Music For All, the charity associated with the Music Industry Association – that’s music shops to you and I.

On that weekend, many music shops engage local teachers to offer free instrument taster lessons to the general public. Great for the shops, great for the teachers – and it could be great for you, too.


Well: are you looking for new members?

This might be a way of enthusing new locals for instruments needed in your group. Do you have music teachers in your group? Maybe they can be persuaded to give a few free taster lessons? Your local music shop could help with lending an instrument or two, or come along with a selection of instruments for visitors to try out.

Or: are you looking for new audiences?

The people coming to your local music shop’s event – if there is one – might not know about events in their area. If the music shop has space, volunteer a small group to perform throughout the day – whilst handing out leaflets to your next concert, naturally. Or perform outside the shop: could be even better, on a Saturday, in a city centre location.

If you’re considering getting involved, see if there’s a venue/event near you already on the website. Whether there is or not, you can email Paul at Music for All and he’ll be happy to help you set up your own or broker a relationship with one of his local music shops.

Making Music also has resources and ideas to make involvement easier for you.