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Our individual membership scheme is open to everyone, whether you make music on your own, within a group or not at all!

Membership (just £15) will bring you into our active community of over 190,000 leisure-time musicians, connecting you with 3,400+ music groups around the UK that offer opportunities to learn, grow and perform, plus it will keep you informed with the latest news and developments that affect the leisure-time music scene.

And, if you don’t make or promote music yourself membership is a great way to support the leisure-time music sector.

Individual member benefits:

  • Subscription to our member magazine, Highnotes, published three times a year
  • Our regular email digests

​If you’re in need of comprehensive musical equipment cover for your whole household, check out our Musical Instrument Insurance Plus package.

So come on, join the home of leisure-time musicians today and we’ll help you get on with making music!

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