Create a professional CD of your music

Making Music Mix – our cheap and simple professional CD production service

At this point some of you might be asking ‘what is Making Music Mix?’ Well, in a nutshell it is a professional CD production service that means you can create CDs of you music. You might want a CD as a keepsake of a performance for your group members, or maybe you have grander ambitions and want to make an album to sell to your fans. Whatever the reason having a CD of you music is a great way to preserve your hard work and achievements. And Making Music Mix is a convenient and affordable way of doing it.

Now that you know what it is your next question might be how does it work? We have teamed up with professional CD production company MixPixie to make it is as simple as possible. They remove all the hassle by taking care of licencing and royalties and best of all there is no upfront cost or minimum number of CDs that need to be purchased. 

Setting up your CD

It is all done online - you choose an album cover (or upload you own artwork) and upload your music - there is a step by step guide to help you do this. Sales are also done online - you will be provided with a link so anyone can go online and buy one of your CDs. You can also purchase CDs yourself at a reduced rate to sell at concerts.

Find out more here or go straight to the Making Music Mix website to get started. 

Recording your music

Now that you know what it is and how it works you might be asking ‘how do we make the recording in the first place to then make the CD?’

We can help with this too - we have a relationship with Ty Cerdd, a voluntary music organisation in Wales, which entitles Making Music members to reduced rates at their recording studios in Cardiff. Obviously we realise that being in Cardiff this this is not ideal for all members. However, Ty Cerdd have sound engineers who are able to travel all over the UK – so they can come to you.

We are also looking into compiling a list of recording studios across the UK that Making Music members can use – keep any eye over the coming months for more details on this.