Apply to appear in the Selected Artists Guide

Every year, we select 20 established artists and ensembles to be included for free in the Selected Artists guide. As a Selected Artist, you’ll be promoted for bookings to Making Music’s 3,700+ member groups across the UK, giving leisure-time music groups access to professional musicians.

Being Selected Artists has been hugely beneficial to us. We have been invited to perform in concerts throughout the season, and the scheme has provided us with invaluable performances, which would have proven difficult to attain otherwise.

Willshire Piano Duo, Selected Artist 2017-18

Our Selected Artists Panel (SAP) select artists with proven experience, who can confidently be recommended to music organisations.

Applicants will be asked to provide a list of performances they will be giving in public in the UK for our listening panel to attend. Selection of artists is based upon live performances of programmes suitable for, as well as a fee structure affordable to, leisure-time music groups.

How to apply

Applications are now closed and will reopen in June 2020 for the 2021 Selected Artists Guide. If you would like us to let you know when the applications will open again, please contact us to register your interest.

Please note: Artists or ensembles recommended in the two previous guides are not eligible to apply for the new guide. Artists playing in a different ensemble are eligible.

Forthcoming performances

Applicants need to provide a list of performances they will be giving in public in the UK between the date of their application and 28 February 2020. If you do not currently have any performances arranged, you can still apply now and submit details of your performances to us at a later date, but please note that our selection panel can only consider applications where a live performance has been assessed by one of our listeners.

A member of our listening panel will be sent to two or more of your performances to make an assessment, so ideally we need at least two performance dates for our listeners to attend. The more dates you provide, the greater the chance we have of sending a listener to hear you. Every effort will be made to hear and assess every application which includes a relevant performance.

The decision of the SAP will be based on reports of live performances of programmes suitable for our music groups. Therefore, we ask you not to include the following types of performance in your application:

  • Roles in operas, musicals or other staged productions
  • Performances that are shared jointly with another performer
  • Concertos with orchestras or other ensembles
  • Vocal solos in choral works
  • CD launches
  • If you are applying as a soloist, please do not include chamber music performances

Applicants will be expected to arrange complimentary tickets for our listeners to attend and assess the relevant performances. We will contact you to confirm these arrangements.

Fees information

As well as evaluating the quality of your live performances, the Selected Artists Panel will also take into account the need to produce a guide with a variety of fees affordable for Making Music member groups. This is why we ask that artists applying to feature in the guide quote their fees no higher than:

  • £750 for a solo artist
  • £900 for a duo
  • £1200 for a trio
  • £1500 for a quartet
  • £300 per person for larger ensembles

Fees quoted do not include travel expenses or VAT.

Further questions? 

Our lists of Frequently Asked Questions below may help, or please contact us with your query.

FAQs: Completing the application form

I’m applying as a solo musician. Can I list chamber music concerts on my application?
Unfortunately not. If you are applying as a soloist, then we can only assess performances where you are performing as a soloist (with or without an accompanist).

I’m performing a concerto with an orchestra or other ensemble. Can I include it in my list of forthcoming performances?
Unfortunately we are not able to assess concerto performances, as your choice of programme and concert presentation are important elements of our assessment, which we can't assess as part of an ensemble performance.

I’m applying as part of a flexible ensemble. How many different line-ups will you need to assess?
We will aim to send a listener to at least two and ideally three performances of your ensemble. These performances can be for any size group but at least one must be for the full-size group.

I’m taking part in an opera, musical or other staged ensemble performance. Can I include this on my list of performances?
We can only assess performances where you are performing as a soloist (with or without an accompanist). This is because your choice of programme and concert presentation are important elements of our assessment, which we can't assess as part of an ensemble performance.

Can I include children or family concerts in my application?
Yes. It is important to our members that artists are able to demonstrate educational work and so we will assess these performances. However, you should make sure that at least one performance on your application is a recital performance, as these are our primary focus.

I can only list one performance on my application at the present time. Can I still apply?
Yes, but we will ask you if you are able to add any more performances. We prefer to send a listener to at least two and ideally three performances in order to ensure we have a balanced and wide-ranging assessment of all applicants. Additionally, the more performances you list, the greater the chance that we will be able to send a listener to assess you.

I have no live performances in the UK before the February deadline. Can I still apply?
Yes - if you think that you might be able to add some UK dates in to your schedule within the given timeframe, then you can submit the application now and let us know the performance dates later. However please note we must be able to assess at least one live performance within the UK in order for your application to be considered.

If my application is successful, can I change the fees that I have quoted in my application form?
You can reduce them but you cannot increase them. Therefore please bear in mind that you are quoting fees for up to two years hence when completing this part of the form.

I’ve submitted my application. What happens next?
We will send an acknowledgement of your application, and shortly afterwards we will contact you to let you know which performances we require complimentary tickets for (more detail on this below).

FAQs: The listening process

How many of my performances will be attended by listeners?
We aim to send listeners to at least two performances, and ideally to three or more performances, for all applicants. This helps us to ensure that we have a balanced and wide-ranging assessment for all applicants.

Who organises the complimentary tickets for the listeners to attend my performances?
We ask that the applicant arranges this, therefore please do ensure that you will be able to make these arrangements for all the performances you have listed on your application. All tickets will be held under the name ‘Making Music’.

How many tickets will you require for each performance?
Either one or two. Some of our listeners attend alone, but others bring their partner with them (often because their partner is driving them there and back!). Please assume that we will require two tickets for each performance until we are able to confirm.

How will I know which performances the listeners will attend?
We will contact you to let you know which performances will be attended and to ask you for the complimentary tickets.

What criteria do the listeners use to make an assessment?
When writing their report, listeners are asked to consider musicianship and technical ability, interaction and engagement with the audience, programming and repertoire, and the audience’s response, as well as their own personal enjoyment of the performance.

Will the listeners make themselves known to me/us?
Listeners are under no obligation to introduce themselves to the performers: some will choose to do so because they want to find out more about you, but some prefer to remain anonymous during the process. In all cases, listeners are unable to give feedback to you about the performance.

Will my application still be considered if you only send a listener to one performance?
Yes. We consider all applications where at least one live performance has been assessed.

Will we still be considered if we need to use a substitute musician for one of our performances?
Yes, but we would ask you to let us know if this is the case so that we can pass the information to the listener and take this into account when considering the applications and assessment reports at the selection panel.

Do you guarantee a listener will attend every performance that I list on my application?
No. We endeavour to send a listener to as many of your performances as possible, but sometimes listeners are unavoidably prevented from attending at short notice, and sometimes it is just not possible to find someone who is available to attend. The greater the number of performances you are able to list on your application, the greater the chance of listeners being able to attend.

Can I still be considered if a listener is unable to attend my performance at the last minute?
As long as we have a listener’s report from at least one other live performance, then your application will still be considered.

What happens if no listeners are available to attend any of my performances?
We make every effort to ensure that this does not happen – but if it does, then regrettably your application will not be able to be considered. You would of course be welcome to apply again for the following year’s guide. 

FAQs: The decision-making process

When will I find out if my application has been successful?
The Selection Panel meets in mid-March. We are usually able to notify applicants shortly after, and definitely no later than the end of March.

How are the final 20 artists to appear in the guide chosen?
The panel reviews and considers the reports from the listeners,  as well as aiming to achieve a balance of instrument/vocal types and genres in their selection. 

How do I get feedback on my application?
Please contact the panel administrator if you require feedback.