Apply to appear in the Selected Artists guide

Each year the Making Music Selected Artists Panel selects a number of established professional musicians and ensembles for inclusion in Making Music's guide, Selected Artists.

The Selected Artists Panel (SAP) will select artists with proven experience, who can confidently be recommended to music organisations.

It is a requirement that applicants provide a list of performances they will be giving in public in the UK between 1 September 2018 and 28 February 2019. A member of our listening panel will be sent to two or more of these performances to make an assessment. Therefore please provide at least two performance dates for our listeners to attend. Every effort will be made to hear and assess every application which includes a relevant performance and the SAP's decisions on applications will be final.

The decision of the SAP will be based upon reports of live performances of programmes suitable for music societies. SAP will only assess performances in the format for which you are applying (e.g. Duo, Trio, Quartet etc.). Therefore, if you include concerts in which you are appearing in a different format, these will not be assessed. Please note that applicants will be expected to arrange complimentary tickets for our listeners to attend and assess the relevant performances. We will contact you in late September to confirm these arrangements.

As well as considering live performances the SAP will also take into account the need to produce a brochure with a variety of choice at fees affordable by music societies. For this reason, those selected will have to ask for fees not exceeding:-

  • £750 for a solo artist
  • £900 for a duo
  • £1200 for a trio
  • £1500 for a quartet
  • £300 per person for larger ensembles

Additionally, applicants must provide details of two typical concert programmes which indicate the range of their repertoire and style. Further details of the proposed programmes will be requested from successful applicants for inclusion in the guide.

Artists or ensembles recommended in the brochures for the seasons 2018-9 and 2019-20 are not eligible to be selected artists in the 2020-21 brochure. Artists playing in a different ensemble are eligible.

Applications for the scheme are currently closed and will re-open in June 2019. Please register your interest if you wish to be notified when applications are open.