Artist Expenses Subsidy (promoters) application

We know from your feedback that some of our smaller promoting groups struggle with paying expenses for professional artists. To try and help with this we have set up an Artist Expenses Subsidy (AES) to try and help with this problem. We hope that by offering the subsidy we can open up a wider range of programming options for you, and offer you scope to try something new/different.

"The subsidies are invaluable to a small society like ours, and I make use of them whenever I can!" - Adrian Hattrell, Tickhill Music Society

Who can claim the subsidy and what will it cover?

  • The subsidy can be claimed by any promoting group with an income under £14,500 (based on your group's current Making Music membership income level)
  • The subsidy can only be claimed for travel and accommodation expenses of a professional artist booking
  • The combined travel and accommodation expenses must total £100 or more
  • Travel expenses must be the cheapest available option (standard rail fare etc.) and petrol can be claimed at 45p/mile
  • Accommodation can include a Bed & Breakfast booking but no other subsistence costs
  • You cannot claim an AES if you are booking a Philip & Dorothy Green Young Artist and claiming a subsidy for that booking
  • The subsidy can be used in conjunction with the Selected Artisit Subsidy. 

How much of a subsidy is available?

Where travel and accommodation expenses total at least £100, a 50% subsidy will be available, up to a maximum value of £100. Examples:

  • Expenses totalling £110 = £55 subsidy
  • Expenses totalling £160.00 = £80 subsidy
  • Expenses totalling £200 = £100 subsidy
  • Expenses totalling £230 = £100 subsidy

How do I apply?

  • Complete the form below to submit your initial request. The form is for your expected costs and do not have to be final figures
  • Making Music staff will assess the request and agree the maximum amount of subsidy to be paid 
  • As soon as you have the final costs – submit the final claim form (which we’ll email to you) together with copies of receipt/invoices
  • Making Music will transfer the funds within two weeks of receiving the form. If the final expenses exceed the initial estimate, Making Music will only pay the maximum agreed subsidy. If the final amount is less than the estimate, Making Music will pay 50% of the final amount.

Where does the money come from?

The subsidies are funded by money generated from advertising in the Selected Artists Guide.