Create your own CD with Making Music Mix

Making Music and MixPixie have teamed up to produce the Making Music Mix service – a fantastic tool that offers Making Music members the chance to create and sell professionally-produced CDs of their recordings. Members can now create professional CDs in just a few minutes, completely for free. MixPixie takes care of all the hard work including paying publishing royalties and getting the appropriate licences, and there’s no minimum number of CDs that need to be bought.

Why use Making Music Mix?

Showcase all the hard work your group has put in when it comes to making music. We understand the time and commitment that goes into making a music group sound great and the satisfaction that can be gained by having something to show for it at the end. Creating your group’s very own album can provide you with a keepsake to cherish or the material to promote to a wider fanbase. You can record a performance or rehearsal for the album or use old recordings that you have never got around to promoting. It’s free and easy to use, with the CD and packaging put together professionally and sent straight to your door or to your fans’ doors.

How does it work?

To start, simply choose from a selection of six album designs from the website to edit and personalise. Every album design allows you to personalise the text, and some have space for you to upload a photo or logo. There are also blank designs for you to upload your own artwork. Once you finish editing your album design, you can upload your recordings and arrange the order of your tracks as you wish. There is no limit to the number of tracks to include, but the CD length is 80 minutes. From a selection of price settings, you decide how much to sell the album for. They’ll send you a URL where you can send family, friends and fans to purchase the album. If you prefer to sell the CDs in person at concerts or other events, the administrator for the group (i.e. the person who set up the album) will also be able to buy the album at a reduced price.

Recording your music

If you need help with this, we have an arrangement with Ty Cerdd (a voluntary music organisation in Wales) which entitles Making Music members to reduced rates at their recording studios in Cardiff, and Ty Cerdd have sound engineers who are able to travel all over the UK to you to make a recording.

How do I upload my recordings?

Using the step-by-step upload tool, you can easily import audio files to put on your CD. You will be asked to find the music file on your computer and enter the track details before uploading. If this is a cover of another artist’s song or an existing musical composition of whatever kind, you will need to match this to the original so they can make sure the songwriter/composer is paid their due royalties (don’t worry – they take care of this for you). You can also upload your own original recordings, however on these new compositions they do not pay royalties (unless they are registered on other download stores).

How much does my group get for each album sold?

There are four set prices from which you can choose to sell your CD, ranging from £5.99 to £12.99. Each of these prices includes levels of royalty payments that will be paid to your group when the CD is sold. These band royalties range from £1 to £6 for each CD. Once your CDs are set up and sales begin, they will keep you informed of all your sales to date at the end of every month so you know how much payment is due.

How do I spread the word about my group’s album?

When you finish editing your group’s album design on the Making Music Mix website, they will send you a unique web address to direct friends and family straight to the page where they can buy the album.

Can this be delivered worldwide?

Yes, they can send CDs anywhere in the world!

Making Music Mix: publishing royalties explained

Through MixPixie, Making Music Mix has agreements in place with the MCPS, the official body for mechanical royalties, concerning how music is reproduced as a physical product. When creating an album for your group on Making Music Mix, the music used in your recordings needs to be properly accredited to the writer or publisher so that they are paid their due royalty.

When you upload recordings on to your group’s album, they will ask you to enter the song details so they can use this information to determine which writers and publishers should receive payment from your album.

The good news is that Making Music Mix will handle all royalty payments on your behalf. There is no paperwork for you to fill in or licenses for you to obtain. Rest assured that from each and every album sold through Making Music Mix website, the writers and publishers of all those recordings are correctly and transparently paid.

They’ll take care of all the hard work and leave you to do what you do best: making music.

Start creating your own album on Making Music Mix

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