Selected Artists Subsidy application

To help some of our smaller promoting groups with the cost of booking professional artists we are introducing a new booking fee subsidy with this year's Selected Artist Guide.

Who can claim and what is it for?

  • A £100 subsidy is available towards the booking fee of any of the Selected Artists in the Selected Artist Guide, including the Jazz and Folk selections
  • Please note: this does not include the Philip and Dorothy Green Young Artists winners (separate subsidies are available for booking these artists)
  • The booking subsidy is only available to promoting groups with an income under £14.5K/year
  • There are 35 subsidies available for bookings of artists from each guide (published annually). You can request a maximum of 1 subsidy per group per guide
  • Subsidies will be allocated on a first come first served basis (in order of request made, not the date of performance)
  • The booking subsidy can be used in conjunction with the Artists Expenses Subsidy

How do you get the subsidy?

  • All subsidies must be requested in advance and approved using the online form below
  • We will email you to confirm your request has been approved
  • Once the performance has taken place send a subsidy payment form to us along with receipts/proof of engagement and we will pay the subsidy

Selected Artists Subsidy application form

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