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Music and wellbeing

As the UK’s number one organisation for voluntary music, we feel passionately that the more music people make together, the healthier and happier we all are.

Last modified on: 20/07/2015

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Making music with other people can have an enormous influence on an individual's physical health and on mental, emotional and social wellbeing.

Music is everywhere, enriching lives.

Anyone who has sung in a choir, or played an instrument with a group of people, will recognise the uplifting and energising power of music to make you feel good. It has a uniquely universal appeal, and can bring people together from all many different backgrounds. As the population ages, the economy struggles and communities are divided along religious and ethnic lines; work in this area can contribute much.

A large amount of scientific evidence now exists to prove the connection between music and a positive impact on the brain - not to mention the respiratory improvements that can be achieved through singing and singing exercises.

There are now music groups for Alzheimer patients, choirs to improve respiratory function, and to enhance individuals' sense of community and belonging.

'A dyslexic child; when I discovered I could sing, music gave me an identity, it helped me to see who I was and as importantly, who I could be; suddenly, I had potential. In the discovery of my identity I found a value in my life that 45 years on still sustains me.'

– Paul, Chesterfield

'The 'me' before Parkinson's sang in choirs from the age of 10 years, and loved every minute. The 'me' after Parkinson's sings in a choir and still loves every minute of it, because I refuse to let my voice be taken over by my intruder.'

- Karen, Leicester

Conference Credit Nick McGowan Lowe
Our Manifesto
Our vision is of communities and individuals flourishing through music making. This manifesto is intended to show how that vision can be realised in the context of music & wellbeing.
Colliers Wood Chorus at the South Bank
Benefits of music on wellbeing
Music can be beneficial to individuals and communities in a variety of ways.
Our role
Making Music aims to have an active role in promoting the benefits of music on wellbeing.
Music and wellbeing national steering group
Music and wellbeing resources
We are pooling some of the research and reports available in the area of music and wellbeing.
image of RSAMD
Music & Wellbeing Conference 2011
United by a common interest in using music as a tool to enhance health and wellbeing, we welcomed lots of people from all sorts of backgrounds to our conference in Glasgow in September 2011.
South Bristol Wellbeing Choir
South Bristol Wellbeing Choir
Singing for the health of it, singing for the fun of it!

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