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Making Music is a charity dedicated to empowering everyone, whatever their background or experience, to come together with others in their community to make or present music

We are a membership organisation, so music groups pay us a membership fee. We want to be accessible to absolutely everyone, whatever the size of their financial pockets, so we keep our charges as low as we can. But it’s hard to balance that with the cost of the resources we need to do everything we can to support and champion music groups!

Your donation could make a real difference: whether it’s a one-off or a regular donation, it will help us to keep our costs down and our membership fee levels low.

A lot of the work we do benefits all leisure-time music groups in the UK whether they are members or not, from our advocacy to decision makers and the government on behalf of groups, to offering opportunities to participate in music making. Your donation will also help support that work on behalf of everyone.

What do we do for music groups?

  • We offer lots of practical support: how to set up a music group, advice on the many things involved in running a music group and promoting events from performing rights to safeguarding, managing money to online presence and more
  • We give fun and interesting artistic opportunities to develop! Allowing groups to grow and experience new challenges and rewards: Adopt a Music Creator, creating virtual showcase concerts, signposting to festivals and competitions, a huge database of sheet music
  • We provide ways for groups to connect with each other: through in-person and online events, our Facebook community, our Find a Group tool. The best way for groups to learn and grow is to put them in touch with their peers
  • We speak up for leisure-time music! Whether that’s on contradictory Covid guidelines, child licensing or music libraries – if it impacts our sector, we’ll tell groups, we’ll try and find a way to put it right, we’ll campaign
  • We celebrate music groups! We support Make Music Day on 21 June with performance opportunities, shout about members’ events on social media, showcase groups in blogs and photos on our website, and more

By supporting us with a one-off or monthly donation, you can help leisure-time music continue to flourish. Please support Making Music and donate now – thank you!

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