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Posted on 21 July 2016
Nearly 20% of the British population call themselves 'tone deaf', and probably many more would call themselves 'non-singers', hol
Posted on 21 July 2016
After over 100,000 music makers and supporters signed an official Parliamentary petition asking the Department for Education (DfE
Posted on 21 July 2016
As part of the Get Playing initiative this summer we partnered with BBC Radio 3's In Tune and Breakfast shows t
Posted on 21 July 2016
Health and Wellbeing Month, in August 2016, will include a series of workshops to demonstrate useful skills and practises for mus
Posted on 24 June 2016
Once again, the Annual General Meeting day included the concert showcasing the newly selected Philip and Dorothy Green Young Conc
Posted on 23 June 2016
Tuesday 21 June marked the 4th UK Music Day, part of a worldwide tradition of celebrating music making in all its forms.
Posted on 7 June 2016
Adopt a Composer 2015, Alison Willis
Posted on 7 June 2016
My Ukulele playing hasn't developed much since last time but I have learnt enough to help refine my piece and even join the band, even if only on a...
Posted on 6 June 2016
Our latest research reveals the varied nature of roles and engagements by amateur music groups of professional musicians.
Posted on 27 May 2016
At Making Music we will celebrate Music Day 2016 with three pop-up choirs in Cardiff, Edinburgh and London.
Posted on 26 May 2016
Nominations are now open for the annual British Composer Awards, celebrating the music of composers living and working in the UK.
Posted on 26 May 2016
Yorkshire Music Library’s new home; Norfolk Music Sets Service one year reprieve; Nottingham powering on; and what’s happening in West Sussex, and...

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