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Posted on 19 August 2016
Corporate members Rayburn Tours review the Choir Of The Year competition so far
Posted on 17 August 2016
The UK may be heading for Brexit, but a new non-profit songbook aims to showcase both the individual national identity and shared
Posted on 9 August 2016
Musicians looking for a next step after grade 8 that doesn't involve sight-reading, scales and aural tests may be excited to hear about the new ARSM...
Posted on 2 August 2016
BBC Radio 3's popular Meet my Choir segment returns this September and they are looking for new choirs to feature.
Posted on 2 August 2016
The BBC has revealed the five orchestras chosen to be part of the new series All Together Now: The Great Orchestra Challenge
Posted on 1 August 2016
It’s been great to get to know the orchestra personally, and have time to try out several drafts and sections of the piece before finalising them;
Posted on 21 July 2016
Nearly 20% of the British population call themselves 'tone deaf', and probably many more would call themselves 'non-singers', hol
Posted on 21 July 2016
After over 100,000 music makers and supporters signed an official Parliamentary petition asking the Department for Education (DfE
Posted on 21 July 2016
As part of the Get Playing initiative this summer we partnered with BBC Radio 3's In Tune and Breakfast shows t
Posted on 21 July 2016
Health and Wellbeing Month, in August 2016, will include a series of workshops to demonstrate useful skills and practises for mus
Posted on 24 June 2016
Once again, the Annual General Meeting day included the concert showcasing the newly selected Philip and Dorothy Green Young Conc
Posted on 23 June 2016
Tuesday 21 June marked the 4th UK Music Day, part of a worldwide tradition of celebrating music making in all its forms.

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