At Making Music, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to be part of a leisure-time music group.

Being actively engaged with music is now known to have many benefits for individuals and communities. In our evidence bank, we have collected data, reports and research which illustrate these benefits. In our document, Why leisure-time music groups matter, we summarise those benefits in one document which anyone is welcome to use, e.g. as part of a funding application, to explain leisure-time music activity to a policy maker or to make their case if there is a threat to their activity. Journalists and media outlets, please also feel free to use this material.

So what is Making Music doing? 
We react if we come across consultations, policies, legislation or proposals which we believe will harm leisure-time music groups or prevent them from thriving. An example of this is our recent response to the draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) bill (July 2023) consultation. We also proactively work to improve the environment for leisure-time music groups, to facilitate their creation and sustainability. Our current focus is on spaces for regular music activity.

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The period running up to an election is an ideal time to speak to future decision-makers about your music group, and what you need to flourish. Making Music has put together two key asks on behalf of our members that you could talk about or pass on to election candidates.
Finding a suitable and affordable local space as a venue for regular music activity is now harder than ever. Making Music’s #MakeSpaceForMusic campaign provides a focus for actions on this growing issue.
Making Music and other major music sector organisations are calling for the eligibility criteria for Orchestra Tax Relief to be changed so choirs can also benefit.
Our Treasurers' Survey from 2022 provided a significant amount of data from our members, collecting responses from 913 groups (23% of our membership) who answered 50+ questions.
Music libraries (a service offered by many public libraries) hire out sheet music at affordable prices and often source music via Inter Library Loans from elsewhere, too. These great resources are increasingly under threat, often for financial reasons. We can help you work with your local authority to find solutions.
No opportunity to sing or learn an instrument as a child? Or haven’t played since leaving school? It’s never too late to start or to return! But it's different for adults – read our Adult Music Learning Manifesto to find out more and follow links on this page to learn how you, too, could become a hobby musician.
In 2019, Making Music curated an exhibition celebrating leisure-time music groups at the Barbican Music Library in London. You can still view it now, in an interactive virtual version, with pictures, stats and inspirational quotes from participants.
Singing Network UK is a free forum for umbrella organisations with an interest in singing. It meets on Zoom two or three times a year and collaborates on issues of common concern. Find out more and see who is part of the network.