Singing Network UK

Singing Network UK is a free forum, bringing together organisations with an interest in singing to meet twice a year face to face. 

Latest campaign

With 29 other organisations in the UK involved in singing and choirs, we discussed representation to the government(s) on re-starting choral activity following the Covid-19 lockdown. 

A clear plan of how to resume singing was urgently needed to support the mental well-being of the 2 million people who usually sing regularly in groups and the nation as a whole, including choirs’ audiences, congregations and families.

There was also a significant economic impact on singing, of all kinds, on the livelihoods of musicians, teachers, venues, music publishers and other suppliers; currently jeopardised by the impossibility of group singing.

We agreed that what was needed was:

  • a UK-wide coordinated approach
  • clear guidance which can be practically implemented in a variety of circumstances (one-to-one/group teaching, church choirs, choral societies, youth groups), in schools, professional and amateur settings
  • a differentiated approach to rehearsals, teaching and public performances
  • research to establish more conclusively the aerosol transmission risks for Covid-19 when groups sing in enclosed spaces
  • support for venues and spaces, from schools to community halls, churches to arts centres, so that they are able to open again
  • support for professional musicians (conductors, accompanists, music creators, teachers etc.) crucial to the return (and flourishing) of singing
  • roll-out of broadband and digital training for all, so there is no-one left behind in a world which will remain at least partially online for a while

Singing Network UK pledged to advocate for the safe return of group singing with the UK government and the devolved administrations, emphasising the messages listed above. We encouraged members to do the same, by writing to their MP or nation representative. 

Singing Network UK sent an open letter to Oliver Dowden MP on 22 June 2020, outlining their concerns about the return to singing for the 40,000 choirs and their 2.2m participants in the UK.

Read the letter

    Members of Singing Network UK

    Members meet in order to:

    • Find out what other organisations are doing and in particular what lobbying or advocacy they may be undertaking
    • This could and does lead to organisations then collaborating on campaigns or specific projects
    • For the volunteer-led organisations in Singing Network UK, the meetings are also an opportunity to raise their principal issues, which might then be taken forward by others around the table with more capacity – depending on topic that might be different organisations
    • There may be projects which Singing Network UK decides to support or carry forward as a group, such as research led by Singing Network UK members Voices Now into the number of choirs in the UK

    Below are the current members of Singing Network UK, listed alphabetically. If you are interested in joining or want to get in touch for any other reason, please email, for the attention of Barbara Eifler.

    ABCD logo
    The forum for conductors and choral trainers, which runs training courses and conventions, publishes 'Mastersinger,' promote the composition of choral music, and offers a liaison service for members to promote local activities.
    AOTOS logo
    AOTOS is an organisation for singing teachers across the UK and beyond. AOTOS regularly holds national and local events along with training to enable teachers to share best practice, and disseminate the latest research. 
    BIFF logo
    Supporting amateur performing arts festivals in their local communities, with nearly 250 member festivals across the UK and abroad providing millions of performance opportunities for children, young people and adults. 
    BABS logo
    BABS gained educational charitable status in 2000. It was formed in 1974 and now has 56 full member harmony clubs and six associate member clubs each with its own chorus.
    British Choirs on the Net logo
    Formed in 1995, British Choirs on the Net is a free choral listing service with email and website links to over 3,600 choirs
    British Kodaly Academy logo
    Dedicated to the promotion of the Kodály approach – musicianship through singing – the BKA is committed to supporting all who want to develop their musicianship and conducting skills, and to helping teachers develop confidence to deliver music lessons at all levels.
    British Voice Association logo
    An association of multi-disciplinary professionals working to promote the field of voice in its broadest sense. Encourages a healthy voice, vocal skills, and communication in areas such as performing arts, business, medicine and education. 
    CSA logo
    The Choir Schools’ Association is a group of 46 schools attached to cathedrals, churches and college chapels around the country.
    Friday Afternoons logo
    An international initiative encouraging young people to sing, with an ever-growing Song Bank containing new music and support material to help teachers develop their students' skills - as performers, listeners and composers. Join their world of song!
    Gerontius logo
    On the gerontius site you will find searchable directories of uk choirs and choral concerts, and other choral music resources.
    GMIA logo
    A Black music organisation that interprets UK Gospel Music as derived from the African, American and Caribbean musical experience relating to the Christian faith, delivered by a range of industry creatives and practitioners, incorporating both Gospel genre and message.
    LABBS logo
    With 1720 members in 50 clubs (+ 3 Associate member clubs & Club at Large) we share joy in 4-part A Cappella singing in this unique style striving for just intonation.
    Making Music logo
    We are a UK membership organisation which supports, stands up for and celebrates people making or presenting music together in their leisure time. 58% of our 3,700+ members are choirs, so we take a keen interest in all things singing!
    MD Brunch logo
    MDBrunch gathers vocal leaders of any level of experience to share skills, support each other, network and grow, and highlights the work that MDs do for their communities. 'Project Get Singing' is their campaigns team working to rebrand singing as healthy positive activity. 
    Music in Offices logo
    Music in Offices brings music into the workplace by managing office choirs, delivering instrument tuition and running bespoke music-led workshops and events.
    Music Mark logo
    A UK Association for Music Education. Music Mark leads, represents and supports the highest quality music edicaton for all children and young people.
    NAC logo
    The NAC represents and supports over 750 choirs and 36,000 voices, all of them voluntary and amateur throughout the UK.
    NYCGB logo
    The National Youth Choirs of Great Britain (NYCGB) comprises five constituent choirs for young people from primary school age to those leaving University.
    NVN logo
    We are a network of people who work with voice and song, and who believe that singing is everyone’s birthright, regardless of musical experience or ability.
    QoN logo
    Part of Sweet Adelines International, QoN looks after the singing and educational interests of members in the UK and Netherlands. Member choruses celebrate and perform a range of 4-part close harmony a cappella singing and compete annually.
    RCO logo
    The Royal College of Organists is a multi-faceted charity and membership organisation whose professional and educational work is aimed at all who have interests in the organ and choral music.
    RSCM logo
    RSCM runs a nation-wide education and training programme for singers, instrumentalists and choir trainers, and all interested in the role of music in worship.
    Sing for Pleasure logo
    Since 1964, Sing for Pleasure has encouraged better singing for adults and children and helped choral leaders to develop best practice conducting skills, through a variety of events and courses and a broad range of songbook collections.
    Sing Ireland logo
    Sing Ireland develops and supports all forms of group singing in Ireland by providing quality experiences, through activities led by Sing Ireland and by supporting the work of our members and the wider choral.
    Sing Up logo
    Sing Up Membership provides access to hundreds of specially arranged songs, teaching tools and supporting resources for all your singing needs, in and out of school.
    The Choir With No Name logo
    The Choir with No Name runs choirs for homeless and marginalised people. We’re built on the premise that singing makes you feel good and helps you grow in confidence: we sing uplifting pop music, rehearse weekly and share a hot meal together afterwards.
    Voces8 Foundation logo
    A vocal music education charity bringing the power of singing to communities around the world, putting on professional music performances for thousands, and education programmes and resources for singers and teachers of all ages and abilities.
    Voices Foundation logo
    VF exists to enable all children to realise their full potential through a singing based music curriculum, and to influence national perception of the vital importance of music in education.
    Welsh Association of Make Choirs logo
    An association that collectively addresses the needs of male choirs, bringing together all Welsh choirs under one umbrella, fostering and promoting the art of male voice choral music and Welsh choral works.
    Young Voices logo
    The largest school choir concerts in the world in the biggest arenas in the UK, Young Voices believe passionately in inspiring the next generation to find their love for music.