Music libraries

Music libraries, a crucial resource for leisure-time music groups, are under threat. Find out what you can do.

In recent years local authorities have been increasingly strapped for cash. Music libraries, a part of their library service, are often the first to be considered for the chop. However, music library services are used by amateur music groups all over the UK to source around 45% of all the music they need.

Offering affordable scores, local delivery and access to a wide range of repertoire via Inter Library Loans (ILLs), they are vital resources for these small volunteer-led and self-financed organisations which contribute so much to individual and community wellbeing.

We have taken on the challenge of supporting and leading local campaigns, where relevant, and of working on a national and UK level to help authorities find more financially sustainable and future-proof solutions for music libraries which would not just prevent their closure in the short term, but guarantee their survival in the longer term.

Browse our news and blogs to see the current state of play in various local authorities and what you can do. You can also read about common themes in threats to music libraries across the country and approaches to resolving them, and about our past campaign in Yorkshire where Making Music helped bring about a positive solution.

If your local music library services are threatened, let us know so that we can help.

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