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With a performance or event looming it’s easy to forget the importance of taking the time to brand the event itself. If your audience is having a good time, you want them to associate that joy and happiness with your group. Not only are they more likely to go away and say good things about you to others, they’re going to show up again – and possibly bring other people.

1. Pick a consistent brand 

There’s nothing that screams ‘amateur’ more than advertising for an event that doesn’t match. Pick a font, theme and tone of voice based on your brand identity, and run with it. Then make sure those same choices are reflected in every single piece of advertising that goes out, whether it’s a Facebook post or a flyer. 

Sites like offer a huge range of free nifty fonts, if you're looking for a good one outside of the stock-standard. 

2. Create a tagline

They aren’t just for ads! Create a tagline for your event that summarises what exactly you’re going for when it comes to mood, theme and how you want potential audience members to perceive you. 

Try and use this tagline whenever possible so that your advertising remains consistent. And remember - don’t make taglines complex. Just keep it short and snappy, and relevant to the event itself.

3. Create a hashtag…with a purpose

Customise social media hashtags to promote your event in a way that actually works to gain attention before an event. 

Depending on the circumstances, you could ask your guests to post on Instagram or Twitter while at your event too, using a specific hashtag. To incentivise your guests to post you might want to offer a prize drawn at random from anyone who enters. The point is to have your attendees share pictures of themselves – hopefully having fun – in front of all their followers.

4. Use shareable content

Providing people with content that they can share will get them talking about your event.

Create posters with information, photos with quotes or updates, or use snippets of video or photos from rehearsals that give a sneak peek of the group in action. But here’s the key: make sure the content you use is inspirational – such as meaningful or funny quotes, a joke, little-known facts. It can be whatever you want as long as it’s inspiring and something that people want to share with others. Make sure too that it ties into the theme of the event.

Make it easy for people who follow you to get the word out by providing content that’s likely to resonate with others.

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