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Making Music awards, bursaries and prizes

Making Music presents a number of awards, bursaries and prizes to individual musicians, groups and organisations in both the voluntary and professional sector.

Last modified on: 09/10/2015

Supporting outstanding talent and contribution

Hannah Marcinowicz, AYCA winner 2009Some of these, such as the Award for Young Concert Artists, are awarded to young musicians at the beginning of their careers. Others, such as the Groves Prizes, recognise lifelong contributions to the musical life of the UK whilst the British Composer Awards acknowledge a composer’s work within the amateur music sector.

We also partner with the Musicians Benevolent Fund and the St Martin's Chamber Music Competition to help promote a wide range of young, award winning artists to complement our discounted artist booking schemes.

Making Music does not offer any funding for students in full time education. However, there is a useful new resource called Student Cashpoint, which helps to signpost students to sources of funding.

AYCA winners
Award for Young Concert Artists
Making Music promotes young musicians to provide them with vital concert and recital experience across the UK.
St Martin's Chamber Music Competition
St Martin's Chamber Music Competition
Awards an outstanding young ensemble with performance opportunities at the prestigious London venue of St Martin-in-the-Fields and around the UK.
Sir Charles and Lady Hilary Groves prizes
Sir Charles and Lady Hilary Groves Prizes
Making Music awards the Groves prizes to individuals, both amateur and professional, and organisations making an outstanding contribution to British music.
President's Award
President's Award
We recognise volunteers who have given exceptional service to Making Music. Nominations are considered each May and announced annually at Making Music's Annual General Meeting.
Awards FAQ
Awards FAQs
Here are answers to the most frequently posed questions by our members.

Discounted artists

Reaching our members


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