Past campaign: Protect Music Education

Making Music joined the ISM and other supporters in successfully defending music education from a government consultation proposing that Local Authorities cease funding for Music Education Hubs.

In March 2014, the DfE published a consultation document – ‘Savings to the Education Services Grant 2015-2016′ – which proposed to encourage Local Authorities to cut or cease funding for music education.

Since there was no guarantee of continued central funding to Music Education Hubs beyond 2015 this could have been a fatal blow for local and community music services. The ISM, along with supporters including Making Music, stepped up the ‘Protect Music Education’ campaign to encourage responses from music bodies and makers to the consultation to highlight this danger and to pressure for alternatives to be considered.

The impact

Following the large number of responses to the consultation, the government announced on 22 July 2014 that it would invest a further £18m in music education, and would not to advise Local Authorities to cease funding Music Education Hubs.

Thank you to everyone that responded to the consultation signed the petition and shared the campaign. This is a great victory for music education!

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