Find out about becoming a Making Music trustee (online event)

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United Kingdom
Thursday, 9 May 2024 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
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About the event: 

You may never have considered becoming a trustee and may not know much about what it involves: find out more at this event about how your skills and experience could help Making Music and what you would be expected to do.

Making Music is a charity and 9 of its (maximum 14) trustees are elected by and from the membership. They are ultimately responsible for the charity and help set the strategic direction of Making Music and oversee its work.  

Without trustees, charities could not function! And to ensure that we benefit from the widest possible range of skills and experience, we want to encourage many different people to come forward. So if you think ‘I’m not like Making Music’s other trustees’, then that is an additional reason for coming to this event and considering standing for election! 

And the benefits are not just to Making Music: find out how you could gain and grow from this experience and have an opportunity to influence beyond your music group. 

At this event, you will hear from two of our trustees who will tell you about their experience so far and you’ll be able to ask them questions. Our CEO and Membership Director will also be there to explain the practicalities of being a trustee and to answer questions. 


We'll talk about:

  • What are trustees and what are their responsibilities 
  • How you can benefit from becoming a trustee 
  • What particular skills and experience Making Music is looking for this year 
  • The practicalities of being a trustee: time commitment, logistics 

Who this event is for: 

Members of a Full Making Music member group interested in finding out more about standing for election to join the Making Music Board of trustees

Cost: FREE

We will be using Zoom to host the meeting, and will email you the joining link two days, and again two hours before.


Please read the event information below before reserving your place.

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Registration for this event closes at 4pm on 9 May 2024.

Event information:

  • Questions will be taken via the chat function at this event
  • Automated closed captions (subtitles) will be available at this event. If you require live captioning, please contact us to request this


Expected event schedule:

  • 6.00pm: welcome and how we will use the Zoom features
  • 6.05pm: event topic
  • 7.00pm: finish

Timings may vary on the day.


Inclusivity statement:
We aim to make our events as accessible as possible. If you have any particular accessibility requirements or if there is anything else we can do to help make the event a better experience for you, please let us know.

Cancellation policy:

Making Music reserves the right to cancel an event due to low attendance numbers, adverse weather conditions or other circumstances which make it no longer possible to run the event. If you have booked a place and Making Music cancels the event, we will offer you a full refund where applicable.