Tackling barriers to access and inclusion (online event)

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United Kingdom
Tuesday, 3 May 2022 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
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Creating an event or activity that is accessible, welcoming and inclusive of everyone starts with one big question: what are the barriers that would exclude someone from taking part? People who experience barriers to making and enjoying music are more likely to be disabled, from an ethnic minority, have a mental or physical health condition or be in challenging socio-economic circumstances. How can you identify the barriers that exclude people from taking part in your group's events and activities, or stop people being included when they experience a change of circumstance?

In this session (which we previously ran under the title 'Creating accessible and inclusive activity'), we’ll talk through a person-centred approach to identifying the most common barriers to participation for new and existing audiences, participants or members. In breakout rooms, you’ll have the chance to talk about the issues with other groups, and support each other to explore some realistic solutions. And we’ll discuss how to create a system that works with people to address the specific barriers they experience and perceive, creating an accessible, inclusive and welcoming environment.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions via the chat function during the event.
There will be a short break during the event.

Who this event is for:

This session will be useful for anyone in your group who organises performances, workshops, socials, rehearsals and any other activity your group delivers. The session is aimed at all member groups, not just those with a specific inclusion remit.

This event is a repeat of our sessions on 'creating accessible and inclusive activity'. If you attended one of these sessions in the past, you are welcome to attend again, however the event content will be the same.

As our events are in high demand, we are requesting that only one person per group books to attend, to allow as many different groups as possible to benefit.

Cost: FREE for members and non-members

We will be using Zoom to host the meeting, and will send the joining link by email, one hour before the event is due to start.

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Event information:

  • This event includes a powerpoint presentation (slides will be sent out in advance)
  • This event includes participant-led discussion
  • Questions will be taken via the chat function at this event
  • Breakout rooms will be used at this event
  • Automated closed captions (subtitles) will be available at this event. If you require live captioning, please contact us to request this

Expected event schedule:

  • 5.00pm: welcome and how we will use the Zoom features during the event
  • 5.05pm: updates from Making Music
  • 5.10pm: event topic
  • 6.00pm approx: short break
  • 6.10pm: event continues
  • 7.00pm: finish

Timings may vary on the day.

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Inclusivity statement:
We aim to make our events as accessible as possible. If you have any particular accessibility requirements or if there is anything else we can do to help make the event a better experience for you, please let us know.

Cancellation policy:

Making Music reserves the right to cancel an event due to low attendance numbers, adverse weather conditions or other circumstances which make it no longer possible to run the event. If you have booked a place and Making Music cancels the event, we will offer you a full refund where applicable.