Domain name management - Members area only

If you have opted for the members area only then you first need to make sure you have picked a domain name for your group’s members area. Look at the FAQ on members area only before proceeding with the process outlined below.

If you have chosen the sub-domain option (for example we can manage the full domain for you which will include your regular website hosted at (as an example) and the sub-domain ( where the group’s members area will be.

If you have chosen to register a new domain name for the members area we will manage this newly registered domain name.

In either scenario the process is as follows

  • Once you have told us that you are ready for us to manage your domain name, we will initiate the process
  • We will then provide you with short instructions to be passed onto your current domain name providers. Let us know once these instructions have been carried out
  • We will then confirm once the transfer has completed

From then on, Making Music will manage the renewal of your domain name.